For all your Aluminium and Hardware

About Us

Architectural Hardware CC has been operational since April 1986. The main focus was manufacturing of hardware for the Aluminium Industry. It has earned the right to supply other large aluminum manufacturers with good quality hardware. The company serves both the small and the large aluminum fabricators within the aluminum market. Architectural Hardware CC supplies hardware at competitive prices countrywide as well as some neighboring African countries. The company is a significant participant in the aluminum and hardware industry and has a significant investment in these commodities.

Since 1990, Architectural Hardware CC started a stocking operation of Aluminium extrusions, primarily buying its aluminum from Wispeco (Pty) Ltd. Since then, the Company has been supplying aluminum to the greater South African market and has a branch in Cape Town trading under the name of Alberg Alumnium CC. Architectural Hardware CC is a registered member of AAAMSA, as well as an appointed stockist of Wispeco Group. The powder coating and anodizing of our aluminum conforms to international standards.

Architectural Hardware CC stocks a wide variety of aluminum extrusions for the aluminum market in South Africa, catering for the following:

  • Shop fronts
  • Windows (Vertical and horizontal windows)
  • Folding and sliding doors
  • Curtain Walls
  • Flats/angles and tubes
  • Aluminium Sheets